Is your company
an industry disruptor?

Are you a start-up or scale-up company, pursuing disruptive technologies and looking for active support?

We should talk…

Is your company
an industry disruptor?

Are you a start-up or scale-up company, pursuing disruptive technologies and looking for active support?

We should talk…

Erwin Cootjans is a serial VC investor who knows what it takes to create successful businesses. He is known for seeking out early-stage companies that are attempting to radically disrupt industries and who can benefit from his experience, financial resources and knowledge network.

Baerbergh anticipates
the challenges of tomorrow

As entrepreneurs, we like to stay ahead of economic, social, and technological changes, keeping our partner companies connected to the real economy and ready for what is coming.

We refuse to accept the status quo and are constantly exploring new solutions.

Ours is a pragmatic approach: we strive to take clear, measurable action to enable our companies to make a real impact. Our investments choices are guided not by big market trends, but by our convictions.

Optimizing your value chain

We recognise that moving from Supply Chain to Value Stream is far more relevant to the business today. Therefore we are committed to providing our clients with innovative, sustainable, and cost-effective logistics solutions. Our goal is to support in the race to ever greater productivity by providing the world’s most advanced strategies and solutions for optimizing your total value stream.


The companies in which Baerbergh has invested are located throughout Europe and China.

Everything is better with friends

If your company is primed for substantial growth, and you recognize that securing venture capital funding is the key to propel your business to its next phase of expansion.
Then it could be time to join the Baerbergh network?
At Baerbergh we are proud of our partnerships. Each company benefits from our network with robust management teams, taping into a vast potential market, and offering a distinct product or service fortified by a compelling competitive edge.

Nunner Logistics | 3PL Logistics

At Nunner we are always searching for the best logistics solution for you. We call this ‘value innovation’. We will always try to provide more for less. At the same time we take great pride in looking after all our people, partners, customers and stakeholders. As well as doing all we can to meet hard sustainability standards.

Bright Cape | Technology

Bright Cape helps businesses optimize their operations with human-centered data science, process mining and artificial intelligence solutions. As the experts in data science we optimize your operations and guide your way from vision to implementation.

EyeOn | Technology

Ready to get years ahead? As the planning and forecasting expert,
we optimize, supported by our data science solutions, your operations and guide your way from vision to implementation. What characterizes us is our expertise in planning processes, strength in project management and organizational flexibility.

Comtrix | Technology

With 4ward-software and its modules, COMTRiX offers one
of world’s best Transport Management Systems for Logistic Service Providers everything from one source, all in one database. No matter in which language, no matter where, no matter how many branches. With the concept of browser-based programming, 4ward is at the forefront of technology.

3CS | Customs Clearance and Consultancy

With our experience and knowledge we offer top customs clearance services. We have a unique in-depth knowledge in the field of customs and compliance. With our pro-active screening on the most critical customs elements we’ll make sure your cargo is cleared without unforeseen surprises or delays at customs. Whatever you’re shipping. We’ll make it easy.

Caroz Group | 4PL Logistics

We are THE specialist in 4PL and TMS solutions. We are THE control tower specialist, offering the most advanced control tower and TMS shipping software on the market. We believe that we can make business better for our clients by managing their logistics performance. Better logistics. Better business. For you.

Life is a daring adventure

The great excitement of the future is that we can make it!
Let us help you reach your true potential.

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Together we are stronger

Baerbergh Holding is the investment holding of entrepreneur Erwin Cootjans,
a serial entrepreneur and CEO of NUNNER Logistics.