We are excited that Ionuț Barbu will be presenting at FME’s AI for Industry year event on 7 December 2023. During the breakout session Machine Vision and other AI techniques for Quality Control he will give an insightful presentation focusing on “Product Quality Prediction through Data & AI”.

This is a great event for managers of operational excellence, operations directors, and plant/site managers looking into ways to optimize their operations and ensure consistent product quality. Check out the entire program here: https://lnkd.in/ebmmDr6p

Ahead of the event, we are happy to share our customer story with Nokia, where we created a framework which enabled predictive maintenance. 

 🤔 The following questions were addressed:

• How can data and AI predict product quality? 
• What framework did we create for Nokia that kick-started predictive maintenance? 
• How can predictive maintenance save costs and boost efficiency?

🌐 Discover the impact we created here: https://lnkd.in/dB3N-cik

We look forward to having you join Ionuț on 7 December and explore the future of quality control!