On this #ThankfulTuesday we are grateful  to have joined the conversation at the Data-Centric Design Lab Symposium, held last week. Sam Vonk, one of our Senior Human Data Interaction Consultants presented on Design Processes & Team Work x Data Practices, sharing our human-centered design approach in data-intensive settings. πŸ‘₯ 

We experienced a highly engaged audience wanting to explore how best to collaborate with other data disciplines. They appreciated our practical examples of the challenges and learnings faced during one of our recent projects.

πŸ’‘ We want to share some key takeaways with you:

β€’ Involve UX from the beginning and at every stage of the project. 
β€’ Make UX leading, not lagging, and give direction to the project. 
β€’ Create advocates from each user group and validate each deliverable with them. 
β€’ When designing with data, be empathic with your users. Don’t expect that your users understand all your data, make it easier for them by creating storylines with the data.

We hope that by having shared practical examples of how user-centered design (UCD) can help project teams in data heavy design projects, the broader community has learned the value of including human-data interaction and user experience (HDI/UX) experts from the beginning of the project to make the project a success. UCD helps project teams design the right product to perfectly fit the need of the end user.

Thanks to Data-Centric Design Lab for organizing this symposium and to everyone who attended the event.

🌐 Follow this link and discover the positive impact we made for one of our clients by applying a user- centered design approach 

Let’s keep the conversation alive! Drop SamWisse or Lindsey a message for your specific challenge at hand. We are here to help! πŸš€

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