At Bright Cape, we believe in fostering an inclusive community where everyone has the opportunity to thrive personally and professionally. 🚀 One way we champion this is by providing language classes, fully covered by the company, during working hours. We understand learning a new language while juggling a full-time job is challenging. We want our international colleagues to embark on their Dutch language journey without concerns about time and costs.

We caught up with Eda and Muhan, and both indicated that even though everybody knows and speaks perfect English, they felt like they needed to know Dutch to be more involved in the community.

We asked them to share a proud moment or achievement. Eda: “When I was able to understand what our lecturer was telling us in a longer monologue”. Judy: “ When I could share with the class all I have learned from my colleagues, and laugh about it together with them. And vice versa”. 🤓

As for how they envision their improved language proficiency influencing their role or interactions within the company or the client, they expressed a desire to deepen their Dutch skills. They only finished the A1- level Dutch course for now, but they hope to be able to understand Dutch and be able to speak it in the future with confidence. This would be very helpful for them to interact with people within Bright Cape and our clients. It might also help them pick up more Dutch-required tasks/projects in the future.

Keep it up girls: We zijn trots op jullie! (=We are proud of you!) 👏👏

📸The Dutchies to be, as they call themselves: Eda taking the selfie, Muhan and in the back Joana and Yiran.

Curious about their Dutch learning experience? Drop them a direct message and they would be happy to share.

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