The European Union is implementing the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), to get insights into the climate crisis. 🌎

➡ To help counter this crisis, there is an opportunity for the logistics sector to act on network optimization to reduce Green House Gas (GHG) emissions.

Bright Cape, in collaboration with CAROZ, THE Control Tower (Dario Palombo & Remo K.) and funded by Topsector Logistiek (Leon Simons), investigates how data can be used in network optimization to reduce GHG emissions. 💡

This research project is based on an actual case and will give answers to:
✔️ which data is needed to make emission calculations
✔️ the level of data accessibility and availability
✔️ the calculation of the emissions
✔️ market needs on emission insights in network optimization

Stay tuned! In one month, Joris Ruis and Madelon Schellekens will share our insights and lessons learned. Comment below with “reduce GHG emissions” to receive the final report when ready.

Already curious? Read more on how we gained insight into CO2 emission for Curium, have a look at: 🔗

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