With a team eager to learn, it’s essential to keep the inspiration flowing! 🌊

That’s why we regularly host inspiration sessions to discuss the latest trends, innovations, and industry challenges.

Last week’s session focused on sustainability🌱 — an urgent topic that is a priority at Bright Cape and for the companies we collaborate with.

Our Bright Cape hosts, Joana Leal and Lucas Bresser, successfully lead the discussion on the developments in sustainability with Sako Arts, CTO & Co-founder at FruitPunch AI and Marthijn Junggeburth, Sustainability Manager at Royal Swinkels.

💡  Sako shared insights on how he founded FruitPunchAI with the goal of integrating education and sustainability in the data science field.

💡  Marthijn elaborated on making sustainability a focal point within your organization and how they are pioneering with the circularity index, which we assisted in at Royal Swinkels.

Thank you Sako Arts and Marthijn Junggeburth for sharing your stories! It was truly inspiring to learn from two different companies sharing a common goal: shaping a better future for our planet. 🙌

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