Last Thursday, it was time for cake and confetti (and not because we were still celebrating Carnaval). 🍰

We celebrated Joost Hessels being part of the Bright Cape team for 5 years already! 🎊

A few fun facts about Joost:
✔ While he’s now a seasoned senior data engineer, Joost kickstarted his career with Bright Cape in the Data Science team.
✔ His favorite aspect of the job? Puzzling big data to ultimately build a solid foundation for the next steps that will help extract value: data analysis and data science.
✔ Although he loves hanging out with his fellow Bright Capers, you can bet he’ll prioritize catching a Willem II match!

Thank you Joost for all your wonderful work over the past five years – and the expertise and fun you bring to the team! Cheers to the many years to come! 🥂

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