Need for transition to cleaner and more sustainable energy sources! 🌎

Energy is a key resource for manufacturing companies to maintain processes running and to stay competitive. Forced by congested power grids and highly volatile energy costs, companies are increasingly taking an active role in their energy management. 💡

To address this challenge, Bright Cape started the Epsilon project, co-funded by EIT Manufacturing, together with our partners:

✔️ [Technology provider] Di Nguyen, et al., at University College Dublin (Ireland)
✔️ [Use case provider] Croom Medical (Ireland)
✔️ [Use case provider] voestalpine High Performance Metals GmbH (Austria)

🎯 Our mission:
Reduce energy costs, boost revenue generation, and cut down CO2 emissions through a strategic blend of energy optimization, peak energy load shifting, improved energy efficiency, and smart allocation of energy storage.

🚀 First milestone:
A deep dive workshop at Croom Medical to get a common and thorough understanding of their use case. Stay tuned for more details in our next post.

Curious? Join us in our journey towards a cleaner, more sustainable future!