Not having a single source of truth for your data means you’re missing out on a lot of valuable insights.

But bringing together this data from different source systems is easier said than done. 🤔

➡ That’s why Argenta partnered with Bright Cape to set up a unified analytics environment, aiming to improve monitoring of operations and enhance customer targeting.

Together, we created a central analytics environment on Azure, where the data is ingested and processed with PySpark and SQL into a format usable by data analysts and scientists.

As a result, Argenta unlocked their data value by enabling advanced analytics that assist with:
✅ Fraud detection
✅ Network analyses
✅ Building a Sales Engine

Thank you Tom Matheussen, Jef Vogels & Pieter-Jan De Spiegeleer for the trust and nice cooperation! And Bente Derks, Joost Hessels, and Jef van den Buijs for your great work on this project!

Read Argenta’s full success story here: 🔗

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