Our first EIT project milestone: A deep dive workshop at Croom Medical! πŸ”

Working closely together with Di Nguyen from University College Dublin as part of the EIT Epsilon project, we delved deeper into the use case of Croom Medical to reduce their energy costs through automated scheduling and smart balancing of energy usage and production.

Throughout the workshop, hosted on Tuesday, February 13th in Croom, Ireland, we gained valuable insights into:

πŸ’‘ the precise opportunities at hand
πŸ’‘ the impacted processes
πŸ’‘ the projected value creation

A huge thank you to Patrick Byrnes and Shane Keaveney from Croom Medical for the warm welcome and the insightful factory tour! πŸ™

Of course, no successful workshop is complete without some well-deserved food! Together with all partners, we went out for a good meal, allowing us to get to know each other better outside the working environment.

➑ Looking ahead, our next steps involve digging into the production data and defining our solution approach. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to drive innovation to a more CO2-neutral world! 🌳

IonuΘ› Barbu, Joris Ruis, Mart Althuizen, RenΓ©e de Leau, Tim van Putten

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