Today is a day worth celebrating! πŸŽ‰

Bright Cape has officially joined Brainport voor Elkaar, a regional initiative led by Brainport Eindhoven that brings together companies in the Brainport region to address social issues and ensure shared success. 🀝

We’re thrilled to kick off this partnership by collaborating on a project with Jacqueline Vonk from Lumens.

Lumens, a social work organization in Eindhoven, offers essential services to municipalities, including support for status holders, youth programs, and debt relief.

As our colleague Madelon Schellekens, who will lead this initiative, puts it nicely: β€œAt Bright Cape, we are committed to making a positive impact on the world around us. This includes volunteering our knowledge and skills to support organizations like Lumens.”

➑️ Our project’s goal? To measure the exact impact of Lumens’ social services, demonstrating how they enhance people’s social resilience.

This unique project holds promise not only for Lumens but also for other nonprofits facing similar challenges. πŸ’‘

Learn more about our partnership here: πŸ”—

Jacline de Kort, Paul Veendrick

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