Next up for our Bright Cape team introduction is Remco Theunissen! 👋

As a Senior Data Scientist, Remco helps our clients solve business challenges through data analysis and various data science techniques.

➡ Since joining the Bright Cape team in 2018, Remco has held various data science roles covering a variety of topics, including innovation projects, sensor data, and security detection.

Some fun facts about Remco:
✨ His favorite projects are those where he can use his data science skills to support and optimize specific processes, while ensuring that the analytics and solution remain understandable.
✨ When summer arrives, you’ll often find Remco enjoying festivals with his friends.
✨ As a big sports enthusiast, he enjoys playing soccer or watching American Football.

Interested in working with Remco? Discover more about one of his projects here: 🔗

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