Are you in the midst of scaling your Proof of Value (hashtag#PoV) to Center of Enablement (hashtag#CoE)? 💡

We see a lot of process mining leaders struggling with this transition and eagerly looking for best practices to make their transition as successful and fast as possible.

That’s why we’re excited to host an exclusive event on May 23rd at our office in Eindhoven, specifically tailored for hashtag#processmining leaders going through this transition. 📅

This event is designed to help attendees build or refine their hashtag#CenterofEnablement, ensuring they leave with actionable strategies and new connections.

As this is an exclusive event, there will be no open registration. ➡ However, if you are interested in joining, please send a message to Paul Veendrick, Lindsey van der Lans, or Katrin Kostova ğŸ˜Ž.