GGD Investment Partners unite 🤝 Bright Cape supports
XCESS expertise center b.v. and Irixs in their PURE project!

➡ Irixs uses the PURE tool for robust capacity planning, budget oversight, and time tracking in AFAS projects. The PURE project aims to transition to a new version of PURE with significant upgrades in both the front and back-end.

To improve the tool’s look and feel and ease of use, the support of a Bright Cape HDI expert was requested. Being partners in the GGD Investments group, we were more than happy to assist! 🙌

As of a few weeks, our HDI specialist, Sam Vonk, has joined the Irixs and XCESS project team, working closely with account manager Rob van der Gaag and Business Unit manager Jacob-Jan Mannak. The team includes Irixs and XCESS developers, product managers, account managers, and consultants, for the upcoming months.

Sam will be involved in the entire user-centered design process of the new tool, working with Irixs and XCESS to analyze how users interact with the tool and what needs to be improved. 💬➡ They will then translate these findings into a new user-friendly design.

The project has officially started and we at Bright Cape are excited to help our partners achieve their goals. We will keep you updated on the final result! 📈

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