A company-wide commitment and mature data landscape are key to reaching CSRD compliance and sustainability objectives. 🌍

Some time ago we shared an update on the research project initiated by Bright Cape in collaboration with CAROZ, THE control tower (Dario Palombo & Remo K.), funded by Topsector Logistiek (Leon Simons & Dennis Oude Wesselink), focusing on network optimization to reduce GHG emissions.

We are proud to announce that the presentation of the research results has taken place and sparked productive discussions, uncovering new opportunities with Topsector Logistiek! 💡

For our team, this project was a great opportunity to:
✔️ Improve our understanding of how to calculate emissions within the supply chain
✔️ Recognize that optimizing the supply chain to reduce emissions requires the ability to measure current emissions in terms of costs
️✔️ Discover that in this process, companies often face challenges in establishing the necessary data collection and data structures to achieve CSRD compliance.

As we are far from finished diving into this topic, our next step is to create a concrete vision of how we can use our newfound knowledge and experience to help other companies deal with this challenge.

Are you interested in how you can benefit from our experience in setting up data collection and structures for CSRD, or would you like to discuss your supply chain emissions reduction challenge with a data expert?

Contact Joris Ruis or send us a message here: 🔗 https://lnkd.in/dbjDXbgT