Next in line for our hashtag#BrightCape team introduction is Katrin Kostova 😎! 👋

As a Lead Process Mining Consultant, Katrin helps our clients deliver value in their organization by analyzing and visualizing their end-to-end business processes. 🔍

🔙 Katrin joined the Bright Cape team after completing an internship with us, where she researched computer vision techniques and developed an image segmentation model for use in fashion stores.

After completing several projects as a data scientist, she realized that her passion lies in data-driven process improvement and decided to join the hashtag#ProcessMining team.

Some fun facts about Katrin:
✨ Her adventurous spirit and curiosity take her on various travels like skiing, snorkeling, hiking and surfing.
✨ Although she loves to travel, she feels most at home in her sunny and plant filled place in Amsterdam.
✨ As a vegetarian foodie, she loves tasting exciting cuisines and experimenting in the kitchen herself in her spare time, serving up amazing vegetarian dishes.

Interested in collaborating with Katrin? Find out more about one of her projects here: 🔗

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