We would like to introduce you to our next Bright Cape colleague: Joost Hessels!

As a Senior Data Engineer he helps our customers to:
🔸 build robust and reliable data pipelines.
🔸 design systems that seamlessly transform data from raw sources into valuable insights.
🔸 manage and leveraging data in a structured way to support business decisions.

After successfully completing the Master of Data Science ‘Business & Governance’ at Tilburg University, Joost joined Bright Cape in 2019 as a Data Scientist. After completing several projects as a Data Scientist, Joost discovered his passion for hashtag#dataengineering, which eventually led him to join the Data Engineering team.

Some fun facts about Joost:
🎨 Joost is creative and technically savvy, thanks in part to his background in industrial product design.
⚽ In his free time, Joost can be found at the stadium supporting his favorite soccer team Willem II – attending both home and away games
🌍 Or you can find him traveling to discover new cultures, places, and flavors.

Interested in working with Joost? Learn more about one of his projects here: 🔗 https://lnkd.in/e4AJ5dqF

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