Having a Single Source of Truth (hashtag#SSoT) in your organization builds confidence in the data and frees up your data team’s time. ⏱

➡ A large manufacturer of commercial vehicles realized that their current layered views were causing performance inefficiencies. In addition, their nested queries were leading to illegibility and preventing them from establishing a single source of truth.

Recognizing the importance of establishing an SSoT and the need to maintain efficiency and reduce maintenance, they sought the help of our Bright Cape Data Engineering team.

Together we created a parameterized layered structure of different views. This approach, coupled with SQL query optimization, resulted in:

✅ A Single Source of Truth that provides structure
✅ Improved maintainability and readability
✅ A 70x increase in performance

Thanks Aad Zandbergen for your great work on this project! Curious how our Data Engineering team could help you reach the same results?
Learn more here: 🔗 https://lnkd.in/ecK3Tf4e

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