Increasingly more companies prioritize capability development of their planner community to better deal with continuous business dynamics and be prepared for digital transformation. 💼 
Their practical challenge however often is to free up sufficient time of these highly occupied resources to participate in training programs.  
Gamified learning has proven to be a time-effective way to boost knowledge and skills, simulating recognizable day-to-day forecasting and supply chain planning challenges. 🚀 
That is why we offer multiple serious business games to facilitate interaction, communication, and effective learning: 
🔹 The Forecast Game 
🔹 The Ocean Race 
🔹 The Supply Chain Game 
🔹 The Sustainable Value Chain Game 
Our games provide a safe environment to learn by doing; they are based on the specific rules, structures, and objectives that characterize forecasting and planning in large organizations. 
Ready to fast-track capability development within your planning team? 🎓 Explore our array of business games designed to accelerate learning and collaboration: 
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