Last Friday, we hosted our annual Strategic Days for all our employees worldwide. 🌍

The aim? Strategize for the upcoming year and share ideas to ensure an even more successful year than the last. 🚀

This year, we hosted an exclusive EyeOn broadcast show, with Stijn Rutjes as the host and dedicated reporters from Switzerland, Ireland, and the Netherlands bringing us the latest updates.

The challenge for the teams presenting their plans? Get their expectations for 2024 across efficiently and engagingly. Everyone nailed it – some might have hidden presenter talents! 🎤

After sharing our plans, we celebrated with a nice dinner and drinks. Many thanks to the amazing team organizing this great event: Kim Van Broekhoven, Stijn Rutjes, Eva Ruitenbeek, Niamh O’Malley, and Jeroen Vermeulen

One thing’s for sure – our team is geared up for the exciting journey ahead in the new year! 🌟

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