The EyeOn Experience Event centered on Demand Forecasting has come to a close. ✨

Last Thursday, we held an exclusive event in Eindhoven for planning and forecasting professionals.

The goal? 📣 To dig deeper into the hype surrounding no-touch forecasting, and to experience the role of human expertise when applying statistical and machine-learning models.

We can say our goal was achieved successfully!

💡 Erik De Vos’ talk on debunking no-touch forecasting sparked engaging discussions and provided attendees with actionable insights they can apply starting tomorrow.

💡 Our new and improved Forecast Game, led by Rijk van der Meulen, allowed participants to experience firsthand how perfect synergy of machine input and human intuition leads to the most accurate demand forecast.

💡 In the interactive sessions led by Bregje van der Staak and Willem Gerbecks we experienced that thinking carefully on which data to use and how to design your tools is essential for anyone taking the step towards smart-touch forecasting.

💡 During the closure of the exciting day, Milena Kaupp & the EyeOn Forecast framework allowed the audience to see the bigger picture and reflect on their next steps in forecasting.

Key summary of the day ➡ 90% of the audience agreed smart-touch is the way to go. Automate the obvious, recommend the probable and flag where intervention is needed.

If you were unable to attend the event but are keen to explore smart-touch forecasting and its potential to elevate your forecasting maturity levels, reach out to Erik De Vos to request a copy of the presentation slides.

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