Within forecasting, the common thought is that more data means better and faster predictions. 📊

How come while we have more usable data available than ever before, our demand planning and forecasting approach has not changed that much? 🤔

Despite some huge steps we have taken in demand planning, many planning teams remain stuck in the labor-intensive full-touch forecasting phase.

It’s time demand planning teams unlock the true value of demand planning through smart-touch forecasting. 💡

Our new roadmap will help you discover:
✅ What smart-touch planning and forecasting is
✅ Your current position on the road toward future-proof forecasting
✅ Practical steps to accelerate progress in your forecasting maturity level

Download the roadmap and accelerate the progress you make in increasing your forecasting maturity level. Request your copy here: 🔗 https://lnkd.in/esB_ahyT

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