Supply Chain Innovations 2024: It’s a wrap! 🎬

Yesterday, our colleagues Erik De Vos and Van Wouwe Luc attended the Supply Chain Innovations event in Antwerp.

The event aimed to bring together industry professionals for networking and knowledge sharing on the latest supply chain innovations. 💡

Not only did we have meaningful discussions at our joined booth with CAROZ THE TMS

…we also received positive feedback on the MTO conference and interview with our Forecasting Expert Erik De Vos.

Erik explored smart-touch forecasting and highlighted strategies for achieving the ideal balance between human interaction and machine in demand planning processes. ⚖

➡ Interested in exploring these insights further? Do not hesitate to get in touch with Van Wouwe Luc or Erik De Vos. Or perhaps you’d like to join us for our upcoming events? If so, learn more here: 🔗

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