At our Forecasting Event, one of the highlights was attendees experiencing our new and improved Forecast Game as one of the first. 🎲

The goal? 👉 Not just to understand in theory that a perfect mix of machine input and human intuition leads to the most accurate demand forecast, but also to experience it firsthand.

By playing the game, participants had the chance to improve their understanding of:

➡ The logic behind various forecasting models
➡ The art of cleaning sales history
➡ Balancing human judgment and machine intelligence
➡ Efficient forecast enrichment

And with great success: Team The Future Foretellers showed they had absorbed the information from the event sessions perfectly, resulting in the most accurate forecasts among all teams! 🥇

Is your team up for the challenge too? The Forecast Game can be customized to your specific industry and can be conducted either on-site or online. 🌐

Find out more here: 🔗

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