Choosing the right forecast optimization journey is crucial for achieving an unbiased, accurate, and efficiently crafted forecast. 🎯

Before you start your smart-touch journey, it’s important to identify your company’s maturity level in aspects essential for a successful smart-touch setup, namely:

🔸 Intrinsic motivation to work with data
🔸 Belief in the feasibility of automation
🔸 An organized approach to data
🔸 A clear direction for sustainably developing smart-touch forecasting

Finding out the status of these elements and which ones require more attention will speed up your forecast transformation journey significantly. 📈
To easily pinpoint 📍 your current position on the road towards smart-touch forecasting, we’ve created the forecast self-assessment.

In under 10 minutes, you’ll discover practical steps to accelerate progress in your forecast maturity level – based on your current situation.

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