In his first year as Director of Planning & Logistics at Cordstrap – The Passion to Protect, William van den Bremer and his team achieved a remarkable 20% reduction in inventory value.

Such results naturally left them eager for more. Not only to further reduce but also to set a direction and validate future working capital ambitions.

William reached out to EyeOn for an hashtag#inventoryhealth assessment and to identify the best yet realistic approach to reducing days of inventory without compromising customer service levels.

And with success: the project helped Cordstrap take the next step in their hashtag#inventorymanagement maturity and towards a data-driven approach to set target safety stocks.

The project resulted in:
✅ 10% safety stock value reduction
✅ a 40% stockout reduction

Curious what approach led to these results? Get in touch with Maarten Driessen or learn more about the project here: 🔗

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