Twice a year, all EyeOnners – usually scattered around the globe – get together to be inspired, but most of all, to connect and have fun. 🌍

Last Thursday it was time again! We gathered at the beautiful location of FIFTH NRE for a jam-packed day of sessions on our core values, company culture and branding.

The main highlights of the day?

✨ The great ensemble of our leadership team kicking off the day, fully dressed in our theme: Blossom.

✨ The inspiring presentation by Jouri Schoemaker from Pieter Pot on resilience and how to stay true to your mission and vision in dynamic times.

✨ The whole team redefining our core values and how our behavior can help us embody those core values in an even better way.

While it is a pity we now must wait another six months, we have some great new memories to help us through this time.

Want to learn more about how you can join EyeOn? Visit our website:

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