Ready to level up your team’s forecasting skills? Dive into the world of strategic planning with our Forecast Game! 🎲

👉 Whether your team consists of novice planners, seasoned planners or business people with an impact on the demand plan, this dynamic experience will boost your team’s strategic thinking in a fun, risk-free way.

The goal of the business game is not only to understand in theory that a perfect mix of machine input and human intuition results in the most accurate demand forecast, but also to experience it in practice.

Explore market dynamics, navigate uncertainty, and fine-tune your decision-making – all while having fun! 🥇

By playing the game, participants have the chance to improve their understanding of:

➡ The logic behind various forecasting models
➡ The art of cleaning sales history
➡ Efficient forecast enrichment
➡ Balancing human judgment and machine intelligence

Ready to play? Click the link below and let’s sharpen those forecasting skills together! 👇

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