Is your supply chain equipped to navigate the challenges of 2024 and beyond?

In recent years 🔙 we’ve seen numerous disruptions in the supply chain, unveiling vulnerabilities in long and intricate networks.

These disruptions aren’t just temporary; they’re becoming the new normal. Alongside this, the spotlight on environmental, social, and governance (hashtag#ESG) factors continues to intensify.

➡ The question now is: Is your organization prepared to tackle these long-term uncertainties?

To assist you in assessing your hashtag#supplychainreadiness, our team of supply chain design experts has developed a free self-assessment tool.

By answering a few targeted questions, you:
🔸 Evaluate whether your supply chain is primed for re-evaluation.
🔸 Assess your current state of readiness to perform such a large-scale exercise in-house.
🔸 Receive a detailed interpretation of your results in the form of a future supply chain design self-assessment guide

Start assessing your supply chain readiness here: 🔗

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