As the industry conversation around demand forecasting is dominated by hashtag#artificialintelligence and hashtag#machinelearning, talking about statistical forecasting can almost feel outdated.

But is this justified? Is statistical forecasting really a thing of the past? 🤔

At EyeOn, we believe that to apply machine learning in a way that benefits you, companies need the experience of working with a best-in-class statistical forecasting approach as a steppingstone to the next level of demand planning. ↗

➡ And many companies haven’t reached that level yet.

Discover why you shouldn’t write off hashtag#statisticalforecasting just yet, in our latest article by our forecasting expert Erik De Vos.

He explains the true value of statistical forecasting in 2024 and how it can help you to kickstart your forecast automation journey. Read more here: 🔗