It’s all about compliance!

Helmond, 2024 January 24th, My vision as chairman of the board at BAERBERGH ADVENTURE CAPITAL has always been that “average” isn’t good enough! Not for our customers, not for our team, other stakeholders and also not for myself. Best in class, excellence and maybe a little bit over the top sometimes… : that is our vision when we develop our products (e.g. silk road logistics, technical distribution, bike logistics etc), our buildings, our presence at an exhibition, if we celebrate, and much more!

AND especially when we deliver our SERVICES supported by best in class software solutions and embedded within a system of QUALITY and COMPLIANCE we are not satisfied with anything less than the very best!

Now with the upcoming EU legislation on hashtag#ESG (hashtag#CSRD) and hashtag#NIS2 more important than ever! I highlight a selection of certifications and achievements of BAERBERGH ADVENTURE CAPITAL’s Nunner Logistics Group:

– ISO 9001:2015 (since 1999) – qualitaty and procedures
– ISO 14001:2015 (since 2008) – environment
– ISO 20400 – sustainable procurement
– ISO 26000:2010 – CSR
– PGS 15 compliant – storage and x-docking of dangerous goods
– AEO fully certified – safety of supply chain, procedures and customs processes
EcoVadis Goldrating (since 2017) – CSR
– SCAC – connected to a unique US-based two-to-four letter coding system used to identify transportation companies.
United Nations Global Compact – Annual reporting and active member since 2011
– GMP+ – safety on handling food and feed
– recognition by “Voedsel en Warenautoriteit”  – safety on handling food and feed
– SKAL  – safety on handling food and feed

And last but not least :
– ISO 27001 : 2022 – cybersecurity since November 2023 !

So :
If you are a customer of Nunner Logistics Group already, we thank you for your confidence and support. You can rest assured to be supplied with reliable and compliant services.

If you are not a customer (yet) looking for a competitive, good and reliable logistics service provider where the customer is NUMBER ONE and if you want to have piece of mind regarding your value chain but above all regarding the upcoming EU legislation than I would not hesitate to contact us at

We will give you a warm welcome!