EyeOn 24-06-06

The ability to make accurate predictions and informed decisions is more critical than ever. However, the step up to full usage of hashtag#machinelearning in demand forecasting is often a bridge too far. 👉 Why not implement statistical forecasting as your first step toward change? Wherever you have structured historical sales data, there is an opportunity […]

EyeOn 24-06-04

Empty shelves and layers of dust in the warehouse. 👀 Visual inspection was how we used to monitor our inventory health decades ago. And the principles are still the same. Yet, with the current state of technology we can do this from our ivory towers. 🏰 A lot of companies, however, still struggle to keep […]

EyeOn 24-05-31

EyeOn achieves ISO 27001 Information Security certification! 🎓 Over the last period, our Information Security team has shown great effort and skill in ensuring that EyeOn could meet the highest global security standards for its information security management system, across all areas of our organization. ➡ A great achievement, as hashtag#ISO27001 is the leading international […]

EyeOn 24-05-29

Is your supply chain equipped to navigate the challenges of 2024 and beyond? In recent years 🔙 we’ve seen numerous disruptions in the supply chain, unveiling vulnerabilities in long and intricate networks. These disruptions aren’t just temporary; they’re becoming the new normal. Alongside this, the spotlight on environmental, social, and governance (hashtag#ESG) factors continues to […]

EyeOn 24-05-27

Unlock the power of hashtag#statisticalforecasting with the Fast Forecast Scan! 🚀 Our Fast Forecast Scan offers quick insights into your business’s forecastability, showing the maximum potential statistical accuracy and improvement opportunities. Benefits:✅ Understand your demand characteristics and forecastability.✅ Benefit from EyeOn’s extensive forecasting experience.✅ Improve data quality, update parameters, and boost forecast performance with a […]

EyeOn 24-05-24

Last week, Rijk van der Meulen, Bregje van der Staak, and André Vriens hosted a Demand Planning and Dashboarding inspiration session for the Demand Planning team at Lamb Weston EMEA 💡 The goal? ➡ To inspire the Demand Planning team with best practices from outside Lamb Weston: 🎯 The EyeOn Forecast Game provided the right […]

EyeOn 24-05-23

Why talk about statistical forecasting when hashtag#AI and hashtag#machinelearning are popping up everywhere as the holy grail? 🤔 Because for AI to be truly beneficial, companies need a high-quality statistical forecasting approach as a foundation for advanced demand planning. ➡️ So why not implement hashtag#statisticalforecasting as your first step toward change? It will identify past demand […]

EyeOn 24-05-22

Excited to unveil our Biotech Planning Solution powered by Anaplan – a dynamic solution tailored for agility in tackling industry challenges head-on. 💥 It’s key features:🔸 Clinical Trial Planning: Seamlessly streamline and optimize trial product planning, integrating seamlessly into broader supply chains.🔸 Demand Planning Excellence: Precision forecasting empowers data-driven decisions, aligning supply chains with projected […]

EyeOn 24-05-20

Last week, we had a big milestone at EyeOn and Bright Cape. 🙌 ➡ We launched our combined Shared Service Center and gave everyone from both companies a chance to meet the new team members. Some interesting facts about our new hashtag#sharedservicecenter:✔ The SSC spans HR, Finance, Marketing as well as IT and Facilities.✔ Its focus […]

EyeOn 24-05-17

Yesterday, we gathered supply chain leaders from various industries to discuss the value of hashtag#connectedplanning to boost business performance. 🌐 We know it can be challenging to get plans connected across the company, which leads to isolated planning, barriers to drive sales acceleration, and difficulty navigating in case of supply chain disruptions. ➡ At EyeOn, […]